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Monart Drawing


Students learn the basics of drawing while experimenting with new media including markers, colored pencils, chalk and oil pastels, watercolor and much more.  This guided step-by-step method improves visual perception skills by breaking down the subject matter for children to see and follow along. Join now to discover the Monart difference!

HORSES & FARM LIFE - Paint on canvas & use air dry clay!
February 5th - March 25th (no class February 19th & March 11th)

Learn about life on the farm while creating collages and drawings of a horse, duck, chicken, goat, mice, cat, dog, and more! Students will enjoy watercolor, modeling clay, collage, pastels, and acrylic paint on canvas. Sign up for classes and be invited to come to a fun filled morning at The Art Park to interact with LIVE miniature ponies and chickens!
$75 for 6 weeks

ANCIENT EGYPT - Paint with acrylic on real Papyrus & use air dry clay!
April 1st - May 20th
Do you love ancient times, mummies, and all things Egypt? We do too! Have fun drawing, painting, and sculpting all while learning about Bast, King Tut, Queen Nefertiti, the pyramids and Sphinx, mummies, design a scarab broach out of clay, draw on REAL papyrus from Egypt and paint on canvas with metallic paints!
$95 for 8 weeks

Time: Mondays, 5:45pm - 6:45pm  
Ages: 1st - 6th grades
Location: MRC Meeting Room


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