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TGA Golf

Get ready to tee up and have fun with TGA!
We bring the golf course to you!! Our multi-week program is ideal for all players - from beginners to experienced junior golfers - and is designed to refine skill, achieve success, promote discovery through play and provide a pathway to Keep Playing!®

  • Limiting attendance per program

  • Offering structured activities for individualized play

  • Washing hands during every break

  • Replacing handshakes with thumbs up

Students progress at their own pace while learning and experiencing something new in each class.
Learn the fundamentals

  • Golf skills: swing fundamentals and proper setup

  • Rules & etiquette: shaking hands and playing with others

  • Academics: golf vocabulary and introduction to scoring

  • Life skills: sportsmanship and honesty

Practice your skills

  • Golf skills: understanding ball position and making consistent contact with the ball

  • Rules & etiquette: navigating the course and learning the parts of the golf club

  • Academics: understanding yardage and calculating distance

  • Life skills: respect and responsibility

Prepare for the course

  • Golf skills: developing a balanced swing and consistently getting the ball airborne

  • Rules & etiquette: how to treat a ball once in play and player regulations

  • Academics: history and geography associated with the game and tournaments

  • Life skills: courtesy and positive attitude

Golf-In (Indoor Golf Simulators)
7330 W. 33rd
Wichita, KS 67205

Max Participants: 15
Dates: June 6th - August 1st
Reg. Deadline: 1 week prior

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If you have any questions please contact

Meurig Cundy

Central Kansas Territory Director,

TGA Premier Junior Golf

(877) 814-7511 -

TGA Golf