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Tippi Toes Dance Classes

Tippi Toes - New 2022
Tippi Toes Dance
*August 29th - December 19th
*January 2nd - May 21st

Tippi Toes                                                          

Tippi Toes Dance Company cheerfully provides children with a fun, positive and nurturing environment so they are able to experience the joys of dance, self-expression and movement. Classes are specifically designed to develop motor skills and body awareness while enhancing each child's self-esteem. Tippi Toes holds dance recitals in December and May! These performance opportunities are optional, but they are a wonderful opportunity for your dancer to shine on stage!

Baby Ballet

Ages:  2 -4 years 
Music, movement, balance and the basic dance steps are introduced in a fun, friendly and positive manner. This class is great for children who will be able to participate in class on their own without a loved one by their side.

Ballet & Jazz 

Ages:  5 - 8 years
This is a great class for the growing dancer in your life! This class incorporates dance styles such as ballet and jazz technique while also encouraging self-expression and creativity. High energy music is used throughout the class to get dancers moving, using their imagination, and having fun!

Hip Hop & Jazz
Ages: 7 - 12 years 

Students start learning choreography quickly as well as learning various dance elements including isolations, leaps, turns, and current Hip Hop techniques. Our version of Hip Hop Jazz dance is extremely tasteful and clean and our priority is offering age-appropriate material.

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Fee:  $65/month + $50 registration fee
Location: Maize Recreation Commission, 10100 Grady Ave.

Min: 5 dancers 
Max: 12 dancers

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Owners: Miss Tracy & Miss Jensen